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Art is the name of developing the evolving spirit and idioms. Unfortunate people who can not benefit from this impressive power of art, they seem to be living only like humble people.

The continuation of a nation, its dignity and dignity, depends on its investments and work on its civilization, its culture and its art. It is only possible with art to gain the representation qualities of a national network on international platforms. The nation can become a nation by trying to discover the mysterious world of art.

The development of human sentiments depends on believing that art is the greatest source of spiritual nutrition for a nation. The vigilance of human beings is very much related to the spirit of art. An artless person is not dead but alive. In this sense, we think that we will sing to all human beings with the unprecedented and impressive power of the cinematographer, who reminds us of spiritual dynamics that gives cities a cultural look. I see cinema as an important organization that will show that the city can not be represented by a fruit-vegetable and will gain a way of looking beyond the competition.

With cinema; It is not surprising that Battalgazi played the violin in Mozart's music, that Georg Friedrich Haendel composes Niyaz-i Msri's guts, a young girl in Yerevan greets hands with Hasan Basri in the eyes of Aslantepe, Shaekspeare with Dostoyevsky, Why is Turgut Ozal in bloody pit in heaven? We will see that they write the novel together.

Hoping to meet in the days when we will show the will to establish a world full of poppies, with all the artists who are open to the heart, those who are open to the cinema, the producers of the cinema, and the filmmakers who have a chance to be a servant to mankind




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